My dad says online friends are like burritos because they are beautiful… but after a few seconds they disappear when you eat them.


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I may not condone or support your lifestyle.

But I do love you as a person.

My job is not to judge. God is the judge.

My job is to show you the love of Christ and bring you closer to Him.

And that’s what I plan to do.

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Coming back to God always feels like coming back home.

Let us be eager to leave what is familiar for what is true.
Fran Chan (via alifelivedwell)


the fucking worst thing is when people shit on female artists like why would you??????

it’s so discouraging to be in the art world as a woman

if you look in art classes and art schools and art colleges (speaking from experience)

there are literally more females than males everytime like a class will be filled with women and two or three men

but it’s always men who are in the limelight

It is the loss of your first love that makes you seek the comfort of your bodies instead of the prosperity of your souls.
Spurgeon (via menofthebook)
Look at your neighbor and say, ‘NEIGHBOR!’

In the aesthetic of call and response often invoked in the Black Church this phrase is used to invite the congregation into the sermon. The phrase is used for proclamation and affirmation. I.E. “Turn to your neighbor, and say neighbor, I got the victory!” African American Proverb: Black Church Edition (via blackproverbs)

don’t forget the incredible awkwardness that occurs when you turn to you neighbor and they’ve turned to someone else and you have to talk to yourself…

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the bolded is a major reason for my anxiety about going to church as a child. im wayyyy to awk for that and it happened EVERY week.

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the bolded statement! lmao

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