2NE1 VS PILERS | Falling In Love [U’NOO Mix]

I love the vibe 2NE1 CL Dara Bom Minzy YG Audio Sandara Park Park Bom 

Lorde wants to write for a KPOP girl group? She should collaborate with Lee Hi or Ailee!

Lorde Lee hi YG Ailee 


Call me Trainer Hwang.

Would Bomrattata like some…..Corn? Bread?


Park Bom bahaha YG 
If YG artists/staff Voiced A GPS
GD: You made the turn! Hashtag dope. Hashtag swag.
CL: Like, in the next 200 metres, um, like, turn left, you know?
Dara: WHASSAP! We gotta make that turn soon! Nolza!!!
Seungri: This is real Seungri's voice! Trust me!
Hwangssabu: Yo ~ Why don't you stop the car and get some exercise? 40 minutes. Running.
Bom: Let's get some corn instead.
YG: Yah! The estimated time of arrival is 5 minutes... Your destination has been postponed to 10 minutes from now. Actually, due to poor planning, your destination arrival time has been postponed indefinitely.
hahahaha YG 

The Voice of Korea 2 | Lee Jinsil - 그대 돌아오면 (If You Come Back) by 거미 (Gummy)

Such a waste she got eliminated in the battle round, i LOVE her deep and full voice. This is a great rendition of Gummy’s If You Come Back!

Lee Seung Hoon is planning to debut under a guy group under YG! Congrats and I pray YG follows through with his plans!


DARA: “Listening to Regine Velasquez’s ‘When (/Everytime) It Rains’. When it rains and I’m with you~ lalala~lalala~lalalalalalalala~”

*NOTE: She is referring to this song » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jw-tyOk2Bo

I love how she still gives love to the Filipinos. <3

Tablo [Ft. Bumkey]| Try (밑바닥에서)

Oh, even if all the tears of the world
Are welled up in my small eyes
I wish I could shed your tears as well