“I’m in the mood to go to Home Depot to get some paint sample stubs so I can post my teenage angst on Tumblr.”


Rant NOOOOOOBODY got time for that LOL Personal 

Times like these, it’s best just to stay off Allkpop. Stop reading the articles. Stop reading the ridiculous comments from the users and go offline. Allkpop probably has the worst users ever, going on and on bashing Daniel. They need to check their diarrhea of the fingertips.

Rant Daniel Chae DMTN Scandals 

Okay, we all get you don’t like the sky post. Enough with the parodies.It stopped being funny when you clicked ‘publish’.


Anyone know a good tumblr music player? SCM Player totally shut down and I spent forever fixing my playlist…. Bloop.

Lemme jump on this. So I just listened to You Got Some Nerve by Junhyung of BEAST, FeelDog of BIGSTAR and LE of EXID. It was great, the beat was on trend and their individual flows were dope.

But the one thing that stuck out was the MAJOR similarities between it and G-Dragon’s One of a Kind. FeelDog had a very similar flow to GD, which threw me off when in first heard it. Surprisingly, even Junhyung did too, somewhat. The mv teasers even had glass cases and figurines. And then we have my girl, LE. People keep comparing her to CL, but they are completely different. And I don’t believe CL will succumb to starting beef with LE. In an interview, CL said she wanted to show the world what a strong, Asian female is (in her solo album). They both are seen as strong Asian women in the context of their platform, so I see no hate.

Buuuuut the one thing that got me annoyed was in Junhyung’s mv teaser for the song, he was wearing a snap back with bold words on the front, “WEED”. I may be over analyzing this, but why would you wear that? Was it intentional? As many of us know GD got into a scandal where he was caught smoking weed. If you connect this, with the hat, with the similarities of beat and rhyme scheme, to the title of the song….. Is this a diss song? (Which is not a surprise in the rap/hiphop scene) I’m well aware GD is not the sole icon of rappers in Korea, but you gotta say this seems like a low blow.

Overall, it was a good song and let us anticipate the MV!

I don’t get why there’s soo much hate going around about G-Dragon and Taeyang’s Hairstyles for Vogue.

  1.  GD had more edgier hairstyles and can pull it off with ease.
  2. They shouldn’t be defined be their visual concept. For example, Taeyang. We all state how much we miss his mohawk and all, but that was the past. It got to the point to where we only accepted him if only he had that hair cut. Even other guys accepted this as a form of “swag”. They are known trendsetters, but they should not be restricted with our opinions. If they were, we would be dumbing down their talents. 
  3.  They all really haven’t changed, they all just supplemented their talents with new concepts. They are still their dorky selves :D
  4.  They are grown men, they can do whatever they like. 

Sooo…. I’m learning HTML codes because Tumblr totally threw out the user friendly way of including images/gifs in text posts.

But seriously….


Ugh this update is disgusting. -____-; 

Making me all uncomfortable and stuffs. 


Selca > Selfie

Get is right. Get it right, get it tight.


Expectation: It’s gotta be about Taeyang, 2NE1 or one of the debuting groups and soloists under YG!!! SINGLE, MINI ALBUM OR MV?!?!?? CAN’T WAIIIIIIT!!! AGGAAAAHHHH

Reality: Mobile Phone accessories.